Buh Bye... Big Guy

We have to admit it, booth envy made us purchase an obsolete product. When we added a traditional, enclosed photo booth to our fleet, it was for the clients who asked us "where's the booth?" We called it The Galaxy, and it served us well for a few months. But then something interesting happened. We signed the lease on an office in Mission Valley where people could come in and try our booths before booking. Once our clients could compare our open and enclosed booths in action side by side, people stopped booking the enclosed booth! They loved the group shots that are possible with the open layout so much, the idea of containing the fun in a little box didn't seem so great any more.  

After a year of data, we consider the argument of open vs. enclosed photo booths SETTLED! Accordingly, we have discontinued taking new bookings for our enclosed booth and added a new, open Starlight Photo Booth to our fleet. We've also upgraded our existing booths to include some awesome and unique features. Starting immediately, all of our booths have video capability, as well as the ability to allow guests to email themselves their pictures. We've added many more custom layouts and more features are coming soon. We're excited for our new focus and look forward to an awesome 2012!