You Can Make Your Own Photo Booth Backdrop When You Rent Our Photo Booth

It's a question we get all the time. People want to know if they can design their own backdrop when they rent a photo booth from Starlight Photo Booth. Yes! Even though we provide a free backdrop with all photo booth rentals, some of our clients chose to provide their own. Because our photo booths are open air, we can use any backdrop you can dream up. Many birthday parties, weddings and other events have a theme. The photo booth backdrop is the perfect opportunity to create something unique to compliment your theme. Think about incorporating the colors of your event, or highlight the season or even the venue. Here are a few tips if you're making your own backdrop for a photo booth rental. It should be about 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall to fill up the entire shot. Make sure you use dull materials. Shiny or reflective materials may bounce the light from the camera's flash back and ruin the photos. If you have any signage, you should remember people will be posing in front of it. Try putting it up high, and preferably off to one side, like this picture...

The client below used some shutters and doors for their photo booth backdrop. The colors matched the theme of the event too. A really nice touch!

The decor of the wedding below had a rustic feel to it. Shooting against a barn wall was the perfect way to incorporate the rustic feel into all their photo booth pictures.