Had Fun Making This Memory Book For Our Photo Booth Client

I had the opportunity to be the photo booth attendant at Jamie and Brian's wedding in Coronado recently. Whenever I'm operating one of our photo booths, I love to look for new and fun ways to improve what we do. I decided I would do something a little different for their memory book. There's a spot on the cover of the photo album to insert a photo. Instead of cutting a photo strip to fit in the slot provided, I printed a 4x6 copy of my favorite photo of them and used it for the cover. Then I printed a few of my other favorite photos in 4x6 and made a page for them, along with a page of photo strips that include the bride and groom. It was definitely a nice touch, and the larger prints take advantage of our high quality images. 

















 Of course the rest of the photo album was filled with pictures and glad tidings from their guests. I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time as usual. Another happy client for Starlight Photo Booth!