Using No Backdrop With Your Photo Booth Rental

Sometimes, the setting of an event is so beautiful, or interesting, you may not even want to use a backdrop with your photo booth rental. The open air photo booth is as flexible as it gets. Each photo booth is equipped with a high quality, digital SLR professional camera. Our photo booth attendants are trained to use the equipment to capture the best photos possible. Even outdoors with changing lighting conditions, we can keep the pictures looking great. Since you get all of the digital photos after the event, we know you will cherish the pictures forever. The top picture was took advantage of the country setting. The bottom picture was on a yacht. The bride wanted to include the San Diego Bay in her photos. 


New Photo Booth Props

Every November, we stock up on photo booth props from the temporary costume stores that pop up just for Halloween. Props keep the photo booth experience fun and interesting. My favorite prop this year is the rubber cobra in the picture below. It looks a little scary, but people seem to love it. I'm seeing it show up in tons of our photos. We have more props than we can possibly send on every job. If there's a specific theme or prop you're looing for, let us know when you rent your photo booth from us. We may have something to fit your needs. You are also welcome to provide special props of your own. Having a great variety of props makes for excellent photos, and it also encourages more use of the photo booth. People will come back over and over to use different props in different ways. Props definitely help you get the most out of your photo booth rental. 


The Photo Booth Experience vs. A Photographer

A true photo booth experience beats a guy with a camera every time. But what is it that makes it a true photo booth experience? There are a few features you must have in order for it to be the real deal. First, instant printing is a must. The immediate gratification of being able to walk away with your photo strips is an essential part of the photo booth experience. Secondly, the on screen preview is the part of the photo taking process that gets the most laughs. After a picture is snapped, a proper photo booth will display the picture, usually to a great response. Lastly, automation. There is a huge difference between the automated experience of a photo booth vs. a photographer holding a camera and telling everyone to "say cheese!" Just like great art is sometimes born from the limitations of a medium, the tic toc of the photo booth's timer drives people's creativity. If you're shopping around to rent a photo booth for a party, wedding, corporate event or special occasion, make sure the photo booth experience you're getting is the real deal.